Friday, May 4, 2012

Cupcake Brooch is here too!

Another lovely design from Shaz Clozet :)

The brooch comes with a various theme such as polkadot, country rose, Country Feel, little cute and Little Bear

(will add more themes real soon)

enjoy seeing this? and if u like it just e-mail, order by using simple form or texting me via sms, or if u have Facebook account..just pm me ya

Cupcake Brooch (3pcs per pack)

Size : 22mm

Theme : Little Bear
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

Cupcake Brooch (3pcs per pack)
Size : 22mm
Theme : Little Cute
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

Cupcake Brooch (3pcs per pack)
Size : 22mm
Theme : Country Rose
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

Cupcake Brooch (3pcs per pack)
Size : 22mm
Theme : Country Feel
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

Cupcake Brooch (3pcs per pack)
Size : 22mm
Theme : Polkadot
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

if u just like me and can't get enough of the polkadot and would love to buy more than 3pcs, this 5pcs per pack for RM8 is perfect (if urging more, please contact me for details)

Cupcake Brooch (5pcs per pack) 
Size : 22mm
Theme : Polkadot
♥♥ RM8 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

Happy Brooch-ing !

Ribbon Brooch is here :)

well..juggling between work.mother.wife and studying apparently doesn't stop me from crafting hehe
so here it is the cupcake brooch

 (i have tendency for naming the stuff with the cute name and it's also works on making me remember clothes type and such)

Ribbon Brooch (2pcs per pack)

Theme : Little Cute
♥♥ RM5 only ♥♥
Status : available
* also open for ordering for special function *

i'm also in love doing cupcake brooch!!

i'll upload shortly peeps!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taking a break

Well..yes i'm taking a break, my small business is just for a pleasure since i'm working on daily basis and i love wrapping packages for the customer but it just have to wait..handling my growing fast prince is ain't easy and most of the time..he took my time hehe

i've seen more than 10 blogs selling the same stuff and similar to one another and it feels like not 'special' so i'm taking a break..while searching the cutey stuff that hardly same as the on9 and outside store, i will be focusing on my handmade product..

Pls hop on to my facebook  to get the clear detail and perhaps if u have any particular design u want, do let me know..we can toss on the idea together ya

for the baby stuff, don't worry coz i will be back soon and remember the idea of opening the page? i don't think it's gonna happen coz my friends did share the pro and con using the page so i won't do that anytime soon

for the pleasure read on my personal stories and my passion on visit Inspirasi Sha 

take care and have a nice day :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Care To Vote? :)


Just for fun i'm doing this and perhaps if anyone have a BIG HEART u will vote for Shaz Clozet (click the banner to vote)


if u is my cute poem for u all
oh here is my 'heart' gift for you too

Thank You!

One last word..if u did join any contest that care for any voting, do let me know..will certainly do the same for ya :)

Have a nice day y'all

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everything 50% off

Here is the very last stock for the S-A-L-E 50% off..strongly suggest to grab while it last coz you'll never get the same price with the same stock on/off internet.. :)
♥♥ now only RM25 ♥♥
3Pinky Hoody 3pcs with jacket, romper and cute pant
Price Before : RM50 - each (exclude postage fee)
Brand : Carter's
Size : 3m-6m
Fabric : 100% Cotton/Wool
♥ Stock : 
This pieces is so yummy..the fabric is so fluffy and what's good about this items is it's actually very light and the jacket is not heavy so it's perfect for the baby *strongly recommended*
♥♥♥ now only RM10 ♥♥♥
*Daddys Girl Rompers*
Price Before : RM20 - each (exclude postage fee)
Brand : Carter's
Size : 3m (fit for the age not more than 6m)
Fabric : 100% Cotton
♥ Stock : 

Very sweet rompers and the polka dot is totally IN and what's more is i received the nice feedback from the customer about this romper
♥♥♥ now only RM15 ♥♥♥
* Gentleman Jumper *
Before Sales : RM30 (exclude postage fee)
Size : 6m,18m,24m
Brand : Japan Brand
Fabric : 100% Cotton
~Stock : only 3 pcs left for 6m,18m and 24m

Updated : 24m is SOLD OUT, only 18m and 6m is available
I've kept this cute jumper quite a while now, i assumed not many customer is very fond of this because of the bow tie perhaps and so i let it go for the half price, the fabric is light cotton so don't worry that your baby will be squirming over the fabric :)
♥♥♥ now only RM14 ♥♥♥
* Polkadot Black Ribbon Skirt *
Price Before : RM25 - each (exclude postage fee)
Size : M (waist 24cm) strechy
Brand : KadiMau
Fabric : 100% Cotton
♥ Stock : only 1 left ♥
This is rather a cute and girlish skirt, don't u think so? oh yes :)

I have another stock and you will be having it with the same half price so stay tuned ya!

Have a nice day all *big smile*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updated News - Hiatus for a while

Good Day All

It's been a while since my last updated, i've been extremely busy and having my own personal things to do
To heat it up again, i'm having drop dead sale S-A-L-E ..everything in my last stock will be 50% off!

I'm going to move over to FB 'page' and slowly transferring photo's to new account in order to make it easier for my customer to log in my FB without having to wait for my approval, easier that way..huh :) and i'm also doing the handmade sell-off in the same kindly search for Shaz Clozet Page after few days

And for now, lets start the S-A-L-E ya! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little update on Shaz Clozet

My status : just move on to the new house and currently finishing off folding clothes and tear off the wrapping plastic bags etc. a few chores to do :)

but i'm happy anyway...smells the new air surrounding (can somebody help me do the cleaning? hehe)

i'm putting off selling clothes for about a month and half to do the moving planning and will be back with the awesome stuff here and FB

Here is my handmade latest project..come visit me here and i'm open the order to anyone who's interested
Good day everyone..i'm enjoying looking at Zafar crashing my newly sofa hehe

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking Assistant

Need a help on helping your toddler put the cutey toes down and learn how to walk? here is the solution..
my son learn to walk by himself without any help since he is full of energy and ready to beat anyone who stand his way hehe

I used to see this stuff before this and always find how convenient 'walking assistant' for my is very useful especially when you have a baby or toddler that seem never wanna learn how to walk and always dragging him/herself to you that involve cuddling a LOT (oh yeah..and you can never get away from the cutey that long)

Well..give it a try and it's a plus mark for your self if the cutey already knew how to reach his/her toys without yelling at you to take it for him/her :)

Picture for your view

RM25 per pair
For girlish
For boyish
Enjoy the something useful today..weekend is almost here ~`@

Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the winner is...

Salam all!

I wasn't expecting quite a number of entries from you guys since i've posted the GA only a few days before the date given...for that i love to say THANK YOU and here is the pic dedicated to all of you who's joining my second GA

There's a slightly a change for the gift..i'm expanding it to 1 Mini Deko and a couple Smoochie Brooch for a 4 lucky winner consolidation prize instead of 3 gift

And the winner is >>>>>>


Thanks dear for the long entry and special dedication for my beloved son Muhd Zafar Afif, very very touching..come y'all see her masterpiece :)

And the four very-lucky winner for consolidation prize is >>>>

Chara  , Intan Berlian ,Cempaka Kuning and Fieda

Thanks dearie for the nice wish and great entry...thanks for the support!

Photo will be include once finish and for anyone who's interested of my humble crafting..pls visit my facebook or e-mail me to order..the mini deko cushion is a perfect gift to your lovely friends, etc and the smoochie brooch is open up for wedding, ceremony, baby bash, warm gift for people who'll attend your day

To all the winners, please don't forget to e-mail me your full details for delivery purpose ya :)

Once again...

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Prince Birthday Giveaway ~ updated

Thanks to all who's already joining my giveaway..yes i know it's only in short notice *last minute thinking..huh*

But i'm gonna give last minute entry for those who wish to join today and ONLY today..

Here is snap shot Zafar in his birthday mood on 11 May 2011.. :)

I'll do the blog walking and visit your lovely entry after the contest off the track tonite..have a great day ahead and for my online and reality friends who's being a teacher

Selamat Hari Guru (i'm green with envy coz u guys able to get cutey present and i'm not! hehe)

Shaz Clozet Copyright © 2010